The wedding gift

13 Mar

Oh my god, winter is back again. After we thought it would be all over, it was snowing again yesterday. I can’t stand it anymore, I really long for warm days out in the sunshine. Well, at least the sun is shining today and so it looks at least warm.. As long as you just look into the sky, the world down here is covered with snow,


but it’s melting!! Well, enough of this rambling, let’s start with the real post now ;-). One of Joe’s uncles is getting married on Friday, and we were very clueless what to give him and his wife-to-be for his wedding. We are just very inexperienced with this sort of things. So he (Joe) called his mum and asked her, and his mum told him that they only asked for a little money because they want to travel to Venice for their honeymoon. As she knows that poor students like us are not likely to be able to give away much money, she asked us if we could organise some creative packaging. And of course we could ;-). First of all we had to have something to hide the money in, and of course I wanted to make something in crochet. Well, as a half-Italian girl I know too well that most people in Germany (and maybe on the rest of the world) think almost at once of ice cream when thinking of Italians (after making a lot of jokes about Berlusconi first, if course). So making some ice cream balls seemed a very obvious idea. Luckily we found some yarn in very ice cream-y colours:


For these balls I used this pattern for an ideal crochet sphere. Of course I couldn’t resist the math behind this pattern ;-), but I also really think that it looks so much nicer than the usual increase and decrease evenly way. So if you didn’t already know this pattern and have to make some spheres, you should definitely consider to make them this way, it’s awesome! Well, I did not follow the whole pattern, but left out the last row for every ball, so that they all have a hole at the bottom:


This is where the money goes in what then looks this:


To make it perfect we bought a martini glass for just 2€ and found some very funny ice decoration on amazon that really nailed the whole thing. Here is what the finished project looks like:


I think it’s really cool and a much better way to give away money than just a plain envelope or anything like that. We will show it to Joe’s mum tonight, so please keep your fingers crossed for me that she’ll like it ;-).
If you are ever in a similar situation I hope my post inspires you for a creative packaging!

I’ve got to go now, have a nice day!



2 Responses to “The wedding gift”

  1. Mellissa March 15, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    So cute!!

  2. chelsealeighbee March 14, 2013 at 12:18 pm #

    That is ADORABLE!! and such a great idea! I hear ya, it was 50 here yesterday with no snow and this morning it was in the teens with 2 inches. I can honestly say I don’t like mother natures surprises and she has a terrible sense of humor.

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